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7.16 "Witch Hunt" [Mar. 17th, 2004|07:09 pm]

Abby: Luka, I think one of the kids from the coffee shop broke into the apartment.
Luka: I got breakfast.
Abby: I don't believe in breakfast.
Luka: It's the most important meal of the day.
Abby: That's never been medically proven.

Abby: What, did the hotel fire you for getting up so early?
Luka: No.
Abby: Well somebody should.

Rena: Maybe we could do it again some other time?
Carter: What about, uh?
Rena: Well, you'll just have to be a little quieter.
Carter: Me?
Rena: Yeah, I think you yelled 'stat'

Elizabeth: Don't be such a nervous nelly.
Mark: Ok one, don't ever call me nelly.

Nurse: Actually the card says, I had a great evening, you can bring your own coffee next time.
Chen: Must've been one hell of an assessment Carter.

Dr. Legaspi: Ok, we're going to move you to your own room.
Patient: What if Jesus comes and I'm not here?
Dr. Legaspi: I'll have one of the nurses send him upstairs.
Patient: Would you!? Thank you!

Patient: Oh, you do have a bit of a black cloud hanging over you don't you dear? See, there's a crack in your lifeline.
Mark: Probably dry skin. Listen, while you're here, why don't you let me check you over?
Patient: Well you can if you want to; the cards have already told me. I will be dead by sundown.

Romano: Oh well that would explain the baby monitor I see strapped to your belly, or are you just glad to see me?

Elizabeth: You know Robert I read somewhere about a pregnant woman who killed her husband and got off on temporary insanity because of her hormonal imbalance.

Malucci: Todd's a basement wrestler.
Mark: I had an uncle who was a closet ballerina.

Carter: Graduate? How old are you?
Rena: 20....in September.
Carter: You're 19!?
Rena: Yeah...are you okay?
Carter: Oh my God.

Carter: I just had lunch with Rena and I think there's a problem.
Abby: What, does she chew with her mouth open?
Carter: She's young.
Abby: So? You're not exactly an old man yourself, you could use someone to loosen you up a little bit.
Carter: She's really young.
Abby: What is she, 23? 21? Is she 20?
Carter: In September.
Abby: She's a teenager!? Carter!
Carter: I didn't know!
Abby: You didn't ask?
Carter: Women don't like to tell you their age.

Carter: Well she's very mature for her age, you know. She's cool, she's fine, she'-
Abby: She's Britney Spears' little sister.

Mark: Mr. Kenny can go home, there's no known cure for being a pain in the ass.

Abby; You should get someone else.
Luka: I want you.
Abby: Could you just leave me alone please?
Luka: I can't do that.

Patient's dad: You son of a bitch, I'm gonna sue your ass.
Malucci: You can kiss it while you're at it.

Elizabeth: I spent the day doing wedding stuff.
Mark: You know, I'm not wearing a kilt.
Elizabeth: You'd look really good in a kilt.
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9.06 One Can Only Hope [Mar. 17th, 2004|06:23 pm]

Romano: Excessive therapy? Excessive? How's this for excessive, I had my arm sliced off, I mean what do I have to do to get full therapy? have a pack of wolves come and chew my leg off too?

Romano: your medical student, the martini shaker, he camped out in my office, says you refuse to put him on call.
Elizabeth: He has Parkinsons.
Romano: Hence the martini shaker reference, work with me here Lizzie.

Romano: You have something against doctors with disabilities.
Elizabeth: Only on a case-by-case basis.

Chen (to Pratt): You are such a trauma queen.

Susan: Do you have a last name Darius?
Darius: It's just Darius.
Susan: Ooh, like Cher.

Abby: You realize you have a better chance of getting hit by a car.
Car accident victim: Is that supposed to be funny?
Abby: Sorry.

Mary: Apparently your relationship with Dr. Kovac ended better than Chuny's.
Abby: Did you really just say that?
Romano: So it's true, you're all suckers for the accent.

Abby: Car jumped a curb and ran straight into a line of people waiting to buy lottery tickets.
Haleh: Ha, and some people don't believe in luck.

Haleh: I've given up on being appreciated but I sure as hell won't let any of us be taken for granted.

Carter: She's dying, and the only question is, how well?
Nathan: She's 26 years old, there's no dying well.

Carter: We better watch out, they're choosing the next mega-millionaire out there.
Abby: I thought you already won the lottery
Carter: Oh I did when I...met you.

Abby: He's acting strange. Flighty, spontaneous.
Carter: Happy?
Abby: Too happy.
Carter: There's no such thing.
Abby: In my family yes, there is.

Carter: I think we all deserve to have a little fun.
Abby: Only if you don't make me dance.
Carter: I can't promise anything.
Abby: You have real commitment issues you know that?

Sarah: It must be weird seeing people naked and stuff.
Elizabeth: I suppose it's weird. Depends on the patient. I don't care for the hairy ones.

Eric: She used to like this guy named Rafe..
Abby: Ok that's it
Carter: No wait, I want to hear more about Rafe..

Jodie: She really loves you.
Carter: You think so?
Jodie: Yeah. You're so comfortable together. Intimate, without needing to show off.

Elizabeth: It's a nice feeling, when you realize you've affected someone's life, touched them in some way.
Nathan: You think she'll last long enough?
Elizabeth: One can only hope.
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7.02 "Sand and Water" [Feb. 24th, 2004|02:23 pm]

Elizabeth: Well, that's it then. I'm not staying here anymore. Every faucet leaks, your toilet actually rocks.
Mark: I kinda like that.
Elizabeth: And there are creatures scurrying about in the walls, do you know what scurries about in walls Mark?
Mark: Bunnies?

Benton: You look good.
Carter: Well, I couldn't look much worse than the last time you saw me.

Chen: I'm pregnant. I didn't know what to do and then, 8 weeks became 12 and 12 weeks became 20.

Regina: He looks perfect. He's just- a little small.
Abby: Even if your baby was a few weeks older and somehow managed to survive he would probably..
Regina: I know that's what you believe because that's what you've seen. But maybe he's meant to be a miracle. Sometimes you have to help a miracle along.
Abby: Sometimes you have to let go.

Abby: What are you doing?
Dr.: We heard you had a micro-premie down here.
Abby: Well this isn't show and tell.
Dr.: No, it's a teaching hospital. As you can see the heart, limbs, and palette are fully formed, with the transparent skin we might even be able to see the heart beating..
Abby: Okay, put him down.
Dr.: Excuse me?
Abby: Put him down. He's not a science experiment.
Dr.: No, he isn't. But I need to examine every birth for congenital anomolies.
Abby: Well now you've examined him, now go.
Dr.: When I'm finished.
Abby: The father is standing outside thinking that you are saving his baby. How long would you like to torture him?

Luka: She is the next of kin. They lived their lives together, we should treat them like a couple.
Kerry: I agree. The law doesn't.

Mark: I'm a little nervous so uh, let me say it. Elizabeth, I love you. I was hoping you'd give me the joy, and honor, of being your husband?
Elizabeth: Oh.
Mark: Is that a yes?
Elizabeth: Yes.

Carter(to Abby): You know, you might have saved my life. If you hadn't stopped me when you did I could be dead now.

Abby: What about you?
Carter: Lot of waiting, lot of meetings.
Abby: Yeah, you get kinda meeting-ed out.

Abby: I'm getting a hot fudge sundae. Would you like one?
Carter: Uh-uh, I've got enough vices.
Abby: You know, I think one of the rules should be that you have to splurge with me.
Carter: Oh, is that how it works?
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9.15 "A Boy Falling Out of the Sky" [Feb. 24th, 2004|02:01 pm]

Abby: 'Cause you know my life is on hold, it will always and forever be on hold, you don't want to be on hold with me.
Carter: Well then don't put it on hold
Abby: I have no choice, you do.
Carter: Right, your life sucks, now and forever, there's nothing that you can do, there's nobody that you can love...
Abby: You don't want me to love you
Carter: Can I decide that for myself?
Abby: Fine, decide. What do you want?
Carter: What do I want? I want you to stop being so afraid!
Abby: -I'm not afraid
Carter: I want us to stop being so careful!
Abby: -I just
Carter: I want to marry you!
Abby: What?
Carter: I want to marry you!
Abby: Oh you're proposing?
Carter: Yeah.
Abby: You're crazy!
Carter: Well then I'll fit right in.
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7.13 "Thy Will Be Done" [Feb. 19th, 2004|01:08 pm]

Abby: Dr. Weaver, this clown is crashing!

Bishop: You married?
Luka: No.
Bishop: Haven't found one you like?
Luka: Something like that, yeah.

Carter: Think you could talk to him, without being insensitive?
Malucci: Sure, I'll wrap it all up with a nice big bow.

Abby: No one should be alone after killing a clown.
Malucci: You killed a clown?
Carter: I didn't kill him.
Abby: Didn't save him.

Romano(to Mark): How much of your brain did they cut out?

Patient: Do you know what it's like to have your chest split open? I can barely walk to class I get so tired. I take pills every two hours. And I look like a freak from the side effects. It's not worth it.

Carter: You know I never got the whole concept behind dried flowers. I mean, they're dead.
Abby: They're dead as soon as you cut 'em.
Carter: Yeah but they look nice.
Abby: Dead ones look nice too.
Carter: Right..right no I was just wondering.
Abby: Wondering what?
Carter: Wondering um, why not just buy the fresh flowers?
Abby: Because there's something sad and dark about the dried ones.
Carter: Oh you like sad and dark?
Abby: yeah.

Carter: Wow, you found something. That looks nice.
Abby: It's a bridesmaid's dress.
Carter: Oh. It works on you.
Abby: You're lying.
Carter: No honestly I don't think anybody would know that. It looks like it was..made for you.
Abby: Ok, now I know you're lying.

Carter: So I talked to Luka..
Abby: Me too.
Carter: He didn't seem to mind about tonight.
Abby: No, he doesn't get jealous....ever.

Malucci: HIV can kill you.
Jeff: I know a lot of people living with it.
Malucci: Yeah well I've seen a lot of people who would rather be living without it.

Jeff: I don't have anybody else.
Malucci: You have yourself.

Abby: I feel like I'm back at my spring formal in high school. I went with this guy Seth, but really I had a crush on this guy Tim...
Carter: I'm feeling for Seth.

Abby: What do you think she'd drive?
Carter: A lexus? Ha, get it, Alexis? ....No.

Abby: Now I feel kind of bad. Because I kind of ruined our night too.
Carter: Ruined, how?
Abby: Besides the vandalism?
Carter: Yeah.
Abby: The fact that we're freezing to death.
Carter: Yeah.
Abby: The fact that we never even saw your grandmother.
Carter: Oh, she knows I was there, that's enough.
Abby: Okay, then I guess nothing.
Carter: I had an okay time.
Abby: Me too.
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8.22 "Lockdown" [Feb. 19th, 2004|12:22 pm]

Pratt: All this because a nurse tells us to?
Carter: No, because Abby is the Obi Wan Kenobi of nurses.
Pratt: So what does that make you, Yoda?
Carter: Learn from her you will.

Carter: You know you both have to come back for a wound check tomorrow.
Patient: I'd rather have my feet amputated
Abby: You don't have to do it together.
Patient: What about showers?
Carter: You don't have to do that together either.

Susan: Ma'am, do you know where you are?
Patient: Looks like a hospital. A crappy one.
Susan: I'd say she's pretty lucid.

Abby: How long do you think we'll be stuck here?
Carter: Maybe a day or two. Might have to spend the night together. You afraid?
Abby: What, of catching smallpox or waking up next to you?

Jerry(on the news): We refer to this strategy as surveillance and containment. Now I want to reassure the public that there is no need for panic, and only those in close contact with the infected invidiuals...
Susan: Jerry!
Jerry(hanging up the phone): What? I was just....calling my mom.

Kerry: Look I need to speak to your supervisor
Cop: Doctor if I were you I would go home and be glad I didn't come to work today.

Carter: This morning a little 5-year old girl came in here, with a rash that looked like smallpox. She died, quickly. Her older brother is still critical. We don't know what it is and we don't know how they got it, but it's here, and it needs to be contained. This is not about denying your civil rights, this is about protecting you. If we let you go, you could carry the disease home to your own families. So please, stay here, help us, and we'll all get through this.

Abby: Worst of this is over, right? Tell me we're gonna be okay.
Carter(kisses her): We're gonna be okay.
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7.19 "Sailing Away" [Feb. 18th, 2004|04:33 pm]

Patient: Dog has no business in a hospital!
Carter: Seeing-eye dog.

Chuny: Hey, I thought you were having your baby?
Elizabeth: I am, just not right now.

Benton: You get any sleep?
Elizabeth: Do I look rested!?

Maggie: I could watch people like that for hours. People doing their marketing, tying their shoes...just doing routine things that probably bore them to tears. I think how lucky they are, they have...they have ordinary lives.

Maggie: Why did you come Abby?
Abby: Because you needed me.
Maggie: There's no one here to save.

Abby: She broke up with you over a basketball game?
Carter: Over you.
Abby: That's silly, what does she think we're having an illicit affair or something?
Carter: Just that I have a crush on you. Whatever, it's not like the relationshp didn't have its obstacles.
Abby: Still, I wouldn't want you to break up because of me.
Carter: Face it, you're a homewrecker.

Malucci: Can I hold her?
Dr. Greene: ..No.
Malucci: Just washed my hands.
Dr. Greene: Good for you.
Malucci: You serious?
Dr. Greene: I'll see you later.
Malucci: Why can't I hold her?
Dr. Greene: Go away Dave.

Abby: You did not.
Carter: Why would I make that up?
Abby: You got a perm?
Carter: Twice.
Abby: Twice?
Carter: What? It was junior high school. That was the style.
Abby: I don't know what planet you grew up on, but I don't remember perms on boys ever being popular.
Carter: They were!
Abby: I'd like to see a picture.
Carter: I think I burned them all.
Abby: Twice...that means you actually thought it looked good the first time.

Abby: I should have listened to you.
Luka: She'll be okay.
Abby: She'll never be okay.
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8.16 "Secrets and Lies" [Feb. 18th, 2004|03:28 pm]

Carter: You should have told her that Luka and I weren't involved.
Susan: Oh, you were that kid in elementary school who always told right?

Carter: Reality Television. It's one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.
Abby: Have you ever watched it?
Carter: No.
Abby: Then shut up.

Carter: Who knew that television was just a vast wasteland?
Abby: Oh I'm sorry, I meant to watch La Bohemme on PBS last night but I had to go the symphony.

Abby: How did you manage to last this long without some girl, marrying you?
Carter: We come with a built-in golddigger alarm. Gamma installs them at birth.
Susan: And I haven't set it off? You better have that thing checked.

Luka: Waiting for Godot?
Susan: Yeah I saw that at the Goodman years ago. I didn't get it.
Luka: It's about the futility of life, human enterprise. You know we are all waiting, and for what? Fulfillment, love, validation, approval? It's a waste of time. Life is an empty, hollow exercise filled with pain, loss and grief and the only thing we can expect to achieve in our lives is our own inevitable death.
Susan: Wow. That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

Abby: You all think you're smarter than nurses 'cause you have an MD.
Gallant: I don't assume that.
Abby: You're still a med student, you'll learn how to be condescending and dismissive, it's a test you have to take before you graduate.
Carter: I got an A.
Abby: You got an A+.

Carter: I got it.
Gallant: Great, now we're felons.

Abby: Do you think they're trying to impress us?
Susan: If they are it's not working.

Abby: They really are a couple of freaks.
Susan: And to think you slept with both of them.
Abby: I never slept with Carter. Did he tell you that?
Susan: I thought you had.
Abby: No, that was a rumor Carter started.
Susan: God, that is low.
Abby: I thought so.

Gallant: So, you were in the army. You see some action?
Luka: It's not what you think it is.
Gallant: What do you think I think it is?
Luka: Noble, romantic, a crucible on which to test your young manhood.
Gallant: I'm not that naive.
Luka: Sure you are.

Susan: Ok, my turn. Mark Greene. Just kidding! Carter, I'm kidding.

Carter: I was 11.
Susan: 11 years old?
Abby: How old was she?
Carter: I don't know...25. She was one of the maids.
Abby: Did you pay her?
Carter: My parents did.
Gallant: To have sex with you?
Carter: To be a maid.

Susan: You should tell her.
Carter: Who? Tell her what?
Susan: That you're desperately in love with her and can't live a moment without her.
Carter: Really?
Susan: You're hopeless. You'll figure it out.
Carter: Friends?
Susan: No, I hate you.
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9.13 "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" [Feb. 18th, 2004|02:50 pm]

Patient: What do you do?
Susan: I'm a doctor.
Patient: No, I mean to stay in shape.
Susan: Oh, I do these.
Patient: Bicep curls. How much?
Susan: Sometimes I can lift a whole pitcher of margaritas.

Romano: You remember Alderman Bright was in here a few weeks ago and somehow your team of miscreants managed to not kill him- I know, I'm as surprised as you are.

Mr. McNulty(to Carter and Abby): Well well, if it isn't the Ken and Barbie of the medical world.

Susan: I think maybe you should talk to him, he seems a little depressed.
Abby: He's European, that's his baseline.

Eric: It's just, you protected me for so long, I felt like I'd let you down.
Abby: That's not true. That could never be true.
Eric: I just wish, sometimes, I was 8 years old again. 'Cause even when things got bad, and they got bad, I knew you'd always be there.
Abby: And I always will be.
Eric: But no one's ever there for you.

Susan: Soda water. Good. I just thought-
Chen: You thought what? That I'm this ER slut with spunk all over her sweater?

Carter: Don't go flying with him.
Abby: Don't go to Chechnya.
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"Never Say Never" 8.04 [Feb. 18th, 2004|02:43 pm]

Romano: Did you not get the memo?
Kerry: What memo?
Romano: The one that says I run the place.

Nicole: My boss wanted me to keep working..he’s such a…what do you say here?
Abby: A capitalist?

Chen: It just never occurred to me that she had to protect her own ass.
Carter: Maybe your asses are mutually exclusive.

Susan(to Mark): I just missed it here you know. The city, the weather, you.

Abby: What?
Luka: Haven’t seen you smile for a while. Forgot how pretty you are.
Abby: Thank you…..I guess.

Dr. Corday: He requires an enormous amount of care. Obviously it became too much for them after six years.
Romano: yeah. Boo. Hoo.
Dr. Corday: Robert. It must have been terribly draining- physically, emotionally…
Romano: You want to be a parent? Shut up and do your job.

Romano: Nice workout Peter, flogging a dead guy for an hour. Probably burned a thousand calories.

Carter: That Luka. What a great guy.

Carter: Oh no, they’re Luka’s, I would never touch Luka’s cookies.

Chen: Promise me John, that whatever sacrifice you make for this place- you just make sure it's worth it.
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